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Fundraising Forum is a regular newsletter dedicated to the enhancement of management, fundraising techniques and the promotion of community service, welfare and not-for-profit organisations of all kinds. It is published three times a year by Downes Murray International and circulated, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in the growth and improvement of the non-profit sector and those served by it. In addition to regular features written by Downes Murray International staff, there are extracts from international fundraising publications which are reprinted with acknowledgement to the publishers.


MILESTONE THINKING - On-target observations in brief

There’s one attribute above all that fundraisers must cultivate, and that is being a good listener. It’s not difficult, in theory. Just keep your mouth shut and your ears open.   Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. Hank Rosso ...

Educating future leaders

Launched in 2007, the Maharishi Institute (MI) – a registered Section 18A charity – combines university education, vocational industry training, and employment all in one facility. MI assists young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access and successfully complete an internatio...

The five deadly sins of fundraising

 Here’s a list of how otherwise strong and successful development operations fall into the five deadly sins of fundraising: Sin 1: Failing to prioritise fundraising For so many non-profits, the development office is a second-class citizen. Organisations that relegate fundraising ...

Studies examine men vs. women in giving

New research by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy delves into how gender differences in income affect where couples give, their different motivations for giving, and who supports causes aimed at women and girls. Findings of the...

That doesn't sound like me!

 The doctor I interviewed for the hospital’s next appeal was great. The doctor and I got into a discussion about recent neuroscience and how it bends behaviour. He uses neuroscientific tactics with his patients, to keep them on their medication. I use similar tactics with donor prospects,...

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