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Fundraising Forum is a regular newsletter dedicated to the enhancement of management, fundraising techniques and the promotion of community service, welfare and not-for-profit organisations of all kinds. It is published three times a year by Downes Murray International and circulated, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in the growth and improvement of the non-profit sector and those served by it. In addition to regular features written by Downes Murray International staff, there are extracts from international fundraising publications which are reprinted with acknowledgement to the publishers.


Resolutions for 2015 (As made in 2006)

Nine years ago the December issue of Fundraising Forum featured a list of resolutions for the coming year. We’d be wise to adopt them again in 2015! Make donating to your organisation a long-term relationship. Make sure that between solicitations, donors are thanked for past gifts, receive ...

Milestone Thinking

Students and children are the future of your country. Involve them, because they’re also the future of your organisation Julie Atkinson Development Director Operation Smile, Vietnam Most proposals get declined. Don’t be discouraged, use this as a learning experience. Dr. Rosali...

Cotlands - The children's champion

Cotlands is a nonprofit early childhood development organisation that has a heart for young, vulnerable children – born into dire poverty. Founded in 1936 by Matron Dorothy Reece, a missionary from America working in South Africa as a nurse – it all began when she found a baby on her...

The 'Seven Faces' of philanthropy

In creating hundreds, if not thousands, of donor communication pieces, I have found that there are seven fundamental rules for amazing donor communications: Rule 1 – Look at donor communications as a system and a process. Communitarians, devout, investors, socialites, repayers, altruists a...

Donors: The next generation

Parents serve as trusted advisors to children in a myriad of ways throughout their lives. One of the most valuable roles parents can play is to help them understand the importance of philanthropy. Next-generation knowledge of why and how to engage in philanthropy is needed more today than ever be...

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