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More than feeding babies

Nutrition is a key pillar of child health and development, which is why malnutrition and food security have been the focus of the Feed the Babies Fund since 1957. 
The organisation provides rural crèches with a fortified, concentrated cereal containing the correct ratio of minerals, vitamins, proteins and iron. Only water is needed to mix up a well-balanced breakfast, which the Fund provides to over 5 000 children in KwaZulu-Natal’s rural areas and townships.

In addition to attending to the nutritional needs of its young beneficiaries, the Fund also provides Early Childhood Development training to the caregivers at crèches. To ensure that the crèches become Educare Centres, the caregivers are trained in Crèche Management and Every Word Counts – an Early Literacy and Numeracy programme; and the organisation also facilitates training in Classroom Practice and First Aid. These courses equip caregivers with the necessary tools to teach children a syllabus that will aid their development and early education.

Project staff spend time in the field assessing the development of the children and ensuring that crèches are run effectively in terms of guidelines that the Fund provides.

Based on these assessments, other needs that the crèches and children may have become evident; and the organisation then provides items such as blankets, mattresses, plastic tables and chairs, stationery and toys.

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