When Grace Family Church needed to raise R18 million to build the first phase of their new church complex on Umhlanga Ridge, Durban, they turned to DMI for help. As Senior Pastor, Mark van Straaten, put it: ‘We, the Grace Executive Team, employed professional architects, plumbers, lighting specialists, landscapers, etc. to build our new church.

'So when it came to fundraising, the most important part of making our vision possible, getting professional advice was the obvious route to go.'

Raising large sums of money, often under tight deadlines, is no easy task. In the case of Grace Family Church, DMI was able to tailor-make a fundraising strategy for success, based on meticulous planning and the correct method of engaging key donors at every level.

Recognising that each donor should be asked in the right way, and by the right person, is, or should be, the 'mantra' of the capital campaign. DMI has the experience to guide the process and ‘coach’ those entrusted with the task of doing the asking.

The result? Targets are met and the dream of worshipping in a state-of-the art new facility has become a reality for Grace Family Church.


Early adopters among DMI clients have experienced growth of between 100% and 1 000% in online giving over recent years! The table above reflects year-on-year growth for three local organisations, two of which (organisations B and C) receive support from overseas donors.
Organisation A 17 244 126 029 223 636 363 172
Organisation B 203 556 221 009 259 803 361 429
Organisation C 100 000 86 000 147 000 288 000

Organisation A’s income from 2010 to 2011 increased by more than 700% and saw a further 75% per cent increase in 2012.

Organisation B has seen a steady income from online fundraising every year.

Although Organisation C’s income took a dip in 2011 (due to a donor acquisition test), it recovered nicely in 2012 and had an outstanding result by the end of 2013.

Establishing a web presence was just the first step on the road to success for these organisations. Other vital aspects of their online strategy include:

– Website content management – Ensuring the home page is regularly updated with strong, emotive fundraising appeals, and that donors receive visual report backs on projects via up-to-date ‘news’ pages
– Building online communities and harvesting e-mail addresses of web visitors via newsletter subscriptions, prayer requests, daily inspirations, online surveys, etc
– Integration of offline and online communications
– A regular e-mail programme to previous donors, subscribers and other prospects
– Google pay-per-click promotions
– Offline advertising and promotional activities

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