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Easy does it

Thanks to our digitised world, we apparently have an attention span of eight seconds. That’s shorter than the goldfish’s nine-second stretch – so how do we engage people with such fleeting interest, asks Marisol Gutierrez.

Is it easy to see – within seconds – what your organisation’s work is about? Do your home page images convey your mission, your story? Is it quick to ascertain how to help?

What about your donation page? It’s surprising how many non-profit organisations still don’t cater for online gifts. If your page features a general appeal for support along with your banking details and a downloadable form for debit orders – and also asks supporters to fax or email ‘proof of payment’ – it’s time for a makeover!

Measure everything on your website in terms of donor-centricity. Ask people who are not involved with your organisation to look at your site and provide feedback.

Importantly, ask them specific questions, so that you can assess more than vague generalisations.

Ideally, your donation page should:
  • Reiterate your call to action.
  • Reassure how funds are used.
  • Offer monthly giving options.
  • Offer various payment options.
  • Reflect your brand.
  • Suggest gift amounts linked to tangibles
  • Be easy to use!
  • Capture the donor’s email address.

Then, what happens after your donate page has done its job and someone has donated?

That’s a milestone on your donor mapping journey and hopefully, appropriate donor stewardship strategies are in place.

Ensure that the good work done by your website and donate page aren’t ruined by shoddy stewardship. An immediate thank you is not a nice-to have, it’s a must-have.

With acknowledgment to Marisol Gutierrez.

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