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Helping deaf learners to shine

Fulton School for the deaf is a public special School devoted to the education of Deaf and hard of hearing learners.
Excellent pre-primary, primary and high school education is provided for profoundly deaf and hearing impaired children.  Since its inception in 1959, the School has earned a reputation for achieving high academic standards.
The School offers national curriculum-aligned classes, as well as Special Programmes for Deaf learners with additional barriers to learning.
Fulton is the oldest school for the Deaf in KwaZulu-Natal and has a proud history of achievement in their specialised educational field.
The School is situated in Gillitts (near Hillcrest, outside the city of Durban), KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  Weekly boarding is available for scholars from the age of three years, where families live far afield and where daily transport to and from school is impractical.  Young boarders are housed in separate freestanding dwellings taking into account their age and gender.
As a public special school, Fulton School for the Deaf is partially assisted financially by the KZN Department of Education, but relies heavily on private funding to maintain the school property and ensure the best possible holistic education experience for learners.
A large number of currently enrolled learners come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds, with families often affected by ill-health, unemployment and the burden of caring for extended family on South African Social Security Agency grants. As a result, many are unable to pay all or part of the fees charged.
As its main drive to assist families with fee payment, the School runs a 'Sponsor-a-Child' programme, where sponsors contribute funds to fully or partially cover the fees of learners.

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