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Cotlands - The children's champion

Cotlands is a nonprofit early childhood development organisation that has a heart for young, vulnerable children – born into dire poverty.

Founded in 1936 by Matron Dorothy Reece, a missionary from America working in South Africa as a nurse – it all began when she found a baby on her doorstep, abandoned and in need.

Since then Cotlands has grown from strength to strength and continues to be a beacon of hope to thousands of poor children in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape, Western Cape and Mpumalanga. Their mission has remained steadfast for the past 78 years... to see children thrive.

One of their key focus areas is to start early learning playgroups and toy libraries in communities where they’re needed most. These playgroups cater for the needs of children from birth to six-years ensuring that every youngster is given the opportunity needed to flourish.

As you know the effects of poverty can be especially crippling for a young child – but the invaluable opportunities created by Cotlands allows helpless children to soar above their challenges. To find out more about Cotlands visit

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