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More than a helpline... a lifeline

At least 10 very lucky vervet monkeys – babies and adults – are recovering in the Monkey Helpline (MH) high care unit right now. 

In a few days, that number could well reach 20, as it often does, given the ever-increasing loss of these animals’ natural habitat. But thanks to the blood, sweat and tears – literally – of this one-of-a-kind organisation, hundreds of monkeys (and other animals) have been given a chance for survival.

As importantly, MH reaches thousands of learners through educational talks at schools and also advises farmers, businesses, residential estates and parks officials on the appropriate management of people/ monkey issues.

Many people don’t realise that vervet monkeys are protected in terms of both national and provincial conservation legislation – and are also protected in terms of national animal protection legislation. Injuring or killing a monkey is a crime.

As the only dedicated monkey rescue project in KwaZulu-Natal, MH works with a network of vets, volunteers and other organisations to ensure the animals’ recovery, rehabilitation and release.

Founded in 1995, MH fulfils a critical role in the province and is entirely funded by donations. Visit for more information.

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