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NLC announces rollout of open call for applications

Pretoria, 29 September 2016 – The National Lotteries Commission (NLC) introduces an open call for applications in October 2016, moving away from the previous model of “Call for Applications” for funding good causes.
The previous “Call for Applications” model permitted the NLC to accept applications only if they were submitted during the fixed window period (usually 3 months) annually. This often resulted in worthy and deserving causes not being able to access funding outside the fixed window period.
The open call on the other hand means that applications will be accepted throughout the year at all NLC offices across South Africa with no closing date.
The open-call for applications will be rolled-out as follows:
·         Arts, Culture & National Heritage: 3 October 2016
·         Sport & Recreation: 3 October 2016
·         Charities: 1 December 2016
The changes also emanate from the promulgation of the Amended Lotteries Act in 2015, wherein the Minister of Trade and Industry published regulations in the Government Gazette that set time frames for the processing of applications, a full-time Distributing Agency, and proactive funding, in addition to the application-based funding that had been in place since the inception of the NLC in 1999.
The Open Call further enhances the NLC’s quest to streamline the funding process and thereby improve service delivery.
The NLC is confident that the open call for applications will:
  • Assist applicants plan better;
  • Allow for a continuous flow of applications spread across the year;
  • Improve the applicant’s experience;
  • Improve turnaround time in line with Government legislation; and
  • Assist in ensuring that each Province is allocated a minimum of 5% of the budget available per Sector.
 As per the 2015 regulations, NLC funding is categorised into Small (up to R 500 000.00), Medium (R 500 000.00 – R 5 million) and Large Grants (R 5 million to R10 million), each with its own application criteria.
Funding remains focused to the three sectors of Arts, Culture & National Heritage; Charities; and Sport & Recreation. The fourth sector, Miscellaneous Purposes, with 2% of the funding budget, caters for projects that fall outside the scope of the three main sectors.
NLC Commissioner, Mrs Thabang Mampane, has emphasised that the open call will benefit applicants through increased support to ensure NGO’s compliance of applications, while maintaining fairness. In line with legislation, funding will be limited to one application per organisation. Organisations will also have a “cooling-off” period of twelve months after receipt of the last NLDTF payment across all sectors.
Said Mampane, “We are also on track to ensure that we live up to the promise of the 150 days turnaround time between application and communication of outcome. There are also legislated timeframes for return of documents and then payment of grants. We look forward to this exciting new phase in our quest to make an impact and change lives.”
The 2016 Open Call opens on 3 October 2016, for arts, culture and national heritage; and sport and recreation NGOs and application forms will be available on the NLC website and at all provincial offices.

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