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Milestone Thinking

Students and children are the future of your country. Involve them, because they’re also the future of your organisation
Julie Atkinson
Development Director
Operation Smile, Vietnam

Most proposals get declined. Don’t be discouraged, use this as a learning experience.
Dr. Rosalia Sciortino,
Director, South East Asia Regional Programme, Rockefeller Foundation

Be a curious fundraiser. Try new things. Make them work. Observe and identify new opportunities.
Bernard Ross
Director, The Management Centre

Your bequest mailing should not be perceived by the recipient as the latest in a string of solicitations. You’re writing to the donor about a very sensitive matter, and the package should be highly personalised.
Gwen Chapman

Help people to be their best. Let people discover themselves. Leadership is about growing people.
Tony Elischer
MD, THINK Consulting Solutions

Don’t wait around waiting to learn about fundraising. Get started now. Start fundraising today.
Michael Norton
Honorary Director and a Trustee of CIVA

Charities that collaborate with other organisations to run fundraising events and campaigns are saving money, time and headaches – and fulfilling ambitions they could never reach operating solo.

With acknowledgement to
The Chronicle of Philanthropy
April 6, 2006

These Milestones first appeared in Fundraising Forum Issue 72 June 2006.

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