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Educating future leaders

Launched in 2007, the Maharishi Institute (MI) – a registered Section 18A charity – combines university education, vocational industry training, and employment all in one facility.

MI assists young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to access and successfully complete an international university degree (via distance education) equivalent to a B.Comm in Business Administration, together with an ‘industry vertical’ qualification.

The qualification currently includes three years of work experience in IT, business process outsourcing services, nature conservation and sustainable living, entrepreneurship or advertising and communication while studying. In addition to the provision of undergraduate business studies, MI offers a loving, supportive, and nurturing environment in which every student naturally rises to develop their full potential, through the use of consciousness-based education. This results in the development of today’s leaders in all areas and sectors of South African business and government – ultimately leading to a values-based and prosperous South Africa. In addition, as a result of partnerships with many South African corporates, over 98% of the MI graduates are employed on graduation – or very soon thereafter.

Another key differentiator between MI and other educational institutions are two innovations known as ‘Learn and Earn’ and ‘Pay it Forward’. ‘Learn and Earn’ is a unique ‘self-funding’ education model, which ensures that all students obtain work experience while they are studying – and at the same time can pay back some of the costs of their studies. Through these mechanisms and others, the institute aims to move from being a charity to a self-sustainable organisation within the next few years.

MI’s main focus is on developing 100 000 leaders for the future of South Africa.

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