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MILESTONE THINKING - On-target observations in brief

When it comes to gathering online contributions, all the great strategy and creative in the world is worthless if your donation pages and payment systems suck.
Roger Craver

Don’t rush out and do surveys without ensuring you can follow them up, record the results and actually use the data in communications with your donors.
Sean Triner
While earning your daily bread, be sure you share a slice with those less fortunate.
Jackson Brown, Jr.
You know what it takes. Strong fundraisers communicate and listen well. They must be patient and persistent. They also must be team players and represent the organisation effectively among supporters and potential partners. Finally, they must deliver results.

Asking a prospect for a gift-in-kind that may not be perceived as costly is one way to build a relationship with a donor – and a habit of giving – that will one day lead to cash gifts.
Successful Fundraising

There’s a powerful fundraising opportunity that is open to every single not-for-profit organisation – large or small – and that’s the use of a ‘challenge’ or ‘matching’ gift.
Terry Murray

Renewals don’t just happen. There are skills employed in making it pleasant and easy for the donor to keep giving. The goal is to retain donors for as long as possible.
Michael Downes

Recent graduates may not have
much to contribute financially at first, but they can give back to their alma maters in other ways. Developing that habit may lead them to donate later on.

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