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A quality education for every Jewish child

Herzlia is a Jewish community school comprised of 10 campuses which has served the Jewish community of Cape Town for more than 76 years.

In 1972 Eliot Osrin established The Herzlia Foundation Trust, whose vision is to ensure that ‘no Jewish child is denied a Jewish community school education for genuine financial reasons’. An endowment fund was created to provide bursaries to Jewish children and ensure that Herzlia remains a Jewish community school providing educational excellence with world-class facilities.

Through the successful fundraising efforts of The Herzlia Foundation Trust, as well as the generous support of The United Jewish Campaign, bursaries have been provided to over 1 000 pupils, many of whom remain unaware that they were bursary recipients.

In addition, the Foundation also helps to ensure that the school continues to offer an excellent academic programme through the retention of superb teachers, constant updates and enhancement of school programmes, and the improvement of facilities across all campuses, thereby ensuring Herzlia retains its world class reputation.

Herzlia is consistently ranked in the top ten schools in the Western Cape Province. Their ‘four pillars’ of focus are: Academics, Jewish Life and Learning, Arts and Culture, and Sports. They’re also committed to inclusiveness and extension, to meet the needs of every individual child.


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