Fundraising Forum is a regular newsletter dedicated to the enhancement of management, fundraising techniques and the promotion of community service, welfare and not-for-profit organisations of all kinds. It is published three times a year by Downes Murray International and circulated, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in the growth and improvement of the non-profit sector and those served by it. In addition to regular features written by Downes Murray International staff, there are extracts from international fundraising publications which are reprinted with acknowledgement to the publishers.


Caring for Cape Town's elderly

Established in 1981, NOAH’s holistic model of support ensures that approximately 700 social pensioners can continue to lead purposeful and engaged lives.    NOAH provides accommodation, health and social support services for pensioners – helping them to remain independent. In ...

Wow Factor! Applying the power of magic moments for increased income

Rob Woods explains how small, thoughtful acts can make all the difference to your donors. On my way home the other day I stopped at the Pret-A-Manger at St Pancras station, London, for some tea and a bit of cake before heading for my train. As I took out my wallet, the server smiled and said &lsq...

A new way to present our organisational costs to donors

In October 2011 I was fortunate enough to attend my first International Fundraising Congress (IFC) in Holland. The whole conference was beyond brilliant, culminating in an amazing closing plenary by Dan Pallota. [read more] A new way to present our organisational costs to donors In October 2011 I ...

The newbie's guide to fundraising lingo

Newcomers to fundraising would be forgiven for feeling confused by the lingo. If you’re new to the sector, here’s the inside track on ‘fundraising speak’. By Marisol Gutierrez.  Almost every profession has an ‘insider’ language – and fundraising is no ...

The five immutable laws of great non-profit fundraising

When it comes to getting your fundraising ‘right’, there are certain rules you simply can’t afford to ignore. Joe Garecht reports  Much of fundraising is an art, not a science. Knowing when a prospect is ripe for an ask, or how to craft a case for support that really tugs on ...

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