Fundraising Forum is a regular newsletter dedicated to the enhancement of management, fundraising techniques and the promotion of community service, welfare and not-for-profit organisations of all kinds. It is published three times a year by Downes Murray International and circulated, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in the growth and improvement of the non-profit sector and those served by it. In addition to regular features written by Downes Murray International staff, there are extracts from international fundraising publications which are reprinted with acknowledgement to the publishers.


A pot of gold at the end of your rainbow

Denise Murray reveals the rewards and the secrets of donor newsletters that work. Stung by strong client criticism of what I considered some very worthwhile copy, I sent this memo to my copy director: 'This client seems to have lost sight of the fact that the overall success of a newsletter depe...

Donors: The next generation

Children are the next generation of philanthropists – but are we doing enough to educate them on the contribution they can make? Eugene R.Tempel investigates. Parents serve as trusted advisors to children in a myriad of ways throughout their lives. One of the most valuable roles parents can...

Three things you must give your board if you want them to succeed with fundraising

Every non-profit wants to have a board of directors that is enthusiastic and capable when it comes to fundraising. Yet so many organisations are disappointed with their board members’ fundraising efforts. Likewise, many board members I have spoken with want to be better fundraisers, but just d...

Make online giving quick and easy

Thanks to our digitised world, we apparently have an attention span of eight seconds – which is less than the goldfish’s nine-second stretch!  It’s challenging enough to engage people with fleeting interest – so let’s ensure that these efforts aren’t wasted b...

Should our jargon get junk status?

Let’s deliver the deathly blow of junk status to the use of jargon in supporter communications, writes Marisol Gutierrez. But what about its use in the sector?   If a charity, even a favourite one, wrote to ask me for ‘support’ (ie: money) as part of their ‘donor renew...

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