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Fundraising Forum is a regular newsletter dedicated to the enhancement of management, fundraising techniques and the promotion of community service, welfare and not-for-profit organisations of all kinds. It is published three times a year by Downes Murray International and circulated, free of charge, to anyone with an interest in the growth and improvement of the non-profit sector and those served by it. In addition to regular features written by Downes Murray International staff, there are extracts from international fundraising publications which are reprinted with acknowledgement to the publishers.


You're fired until you have a solid monthly giving programme

Erica Waasdorp from Holland, president of A Direct Solution, and author of Monthly Giving: The Sleeping Giant shares her opinion on monthly giving programmes. One of the things that absolutely floors me is the fact that so many organisations still don’t have a monthly giving programme.  ...

When board members just don't get it

Every now and then there’s a board of directors – how can this be written diplomatically – that doesn’t seem to get it. This doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s never a pretty sight. Thomas McLaughlin reports. There are many reasons why nonprofits seem he...

7 ''Quick and easy'' ways to raise more money for your non-profit

OK, I admit it – the title of this post is a little misleading. Nothing is really, truly easy when it comes to fundraising. But – and anyone who has been fundraising for more than a few years can back me up on this – some things are easier than others. Joe Garecht shares seven tech...

What fundraisers need to know about the new B-BBEE scorecard

The first thing you need to know is that I am not a B-BBEE (Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment – or BEE) specialist. I am, however, a fundraiser – and like many of you who are part of this noble profession, I have been forced to understand how to work with the codes, in order to be m...

Advice for the smaller organisation and those just starting out in fundraising

Much of the fundraising advice that is published for non-profit organisations is aimed at the larger, more established organisations with fairly sophisticated fundraising programmes.  So I thought it was time to offer some words of encouragement to the smaller organisations and those just star...

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